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Hi Milos

Thanks for previous help. I have html box pro bought a few days ago, but I still struggle to achieve the result I need. My main reason for purchase is to place a text box on the product page, which I thought would be easy to place where I wanted. The list of options in the demo info was even better: I could set it to only appear when products were out of stock (so I could have two: one all the time, one only when products were out of stock). There's long reasons why I need this.

Translations don't seem to work for the 'There are not enough products in stock' phrase (I have changed it in the translations for but nothing updates - others have commented on this online). Apparently also when a product is available with other combinations, it should say this (it doesn't).

But I cannot get the html box pro to appear where I need it to -  just below where the message appears, under the pay button (which is to the right of the image and thumbs). I can get it to appear beneath 'thumbs' (tight up against them). Is there any way at all that I can get it to appear under the message, like in the screenshot?

Thanks, gratefully, for any help.

To confirm: I have checked that the text I entered is turned on in the module, all the options other than ‘active’ are no, and the hook is active. I just don’t know how to move the text to the right, under the message rather than under the thumbs. I really hope this is possible as it’s why I bought it (I should have checked further – I just went with the ‘you can place it where you like’). I don’t know enough to be able to sort this out on my own. I see it is possible to create a new hook if that is needed, but I am then lost to know what to do with it.

How to use html box pro to dispaly custom text below "product is out of stock" text

based on your expectactions i released new version of the module where I included option to display block only if viewed product is "in stock"
(so now there are two options: - display when product is Out Of Stock, display when product is In Stock). New version is v3.3.5.

As a customer you can download free upgrades of the module.
To download upgrade please log in to your customer account, and open "my orders" page: http://mypresta.eu/my-account/orders/
Download module there in the same way as you downloaded it first time. You will download there always recently released version of the module.

How to update?
- uninstall current version of the module in your shop (do not worry, module will remeber all its settings and created blocks)
- upload new zip
- install the module

How to display contents there where you want?
To display contents here below the "There are not enough products in stock" in PrestaShop 1.7 product page - You can use position named "displayProductAdditionalInfo"
If you have other modules in this position, go to design > positions and move "html box pro" to the top of the list of modules list named "displayProductAdditionalInfo".
Screencast for reference: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FzbkX5uQN2J8nVCsb2h5KQAdYJmUQyPW/view?usp=drivesdk 

Create two blocks in position 'dispalyProductAdditionalInfo":
- first for products 'in stock' with active option: https://i.imgur.com/K5ktd9M.png - the result will be:

- second for products 'out of stock" with active option: https://i.imgur.com/Ty8EXEY.png - the result will be: 

exactly as you expect :-)

With regards,
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