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Hi I'm looking at your module I've got a problem with my store, there's a lot of spam accounts, but these spam accounts won't stop. I've used google captcha v2 and v3 but still does not stop. The fake accounts are like this 1) Random letters first and last name 2) email looks normal 3) Cart always empty 4) Always sign up to newsletter I see your modules has spam account protection, but I'm using One Page Checkout module that allows customers to checkout with just email address, first and last name. No password. I believe this is how they are getting the spam accounts to register. Will your module stop this spam accounts? Thank you for your patience sorry for the long question.

If source of the problem is one page checkout module it will be problematic to add there recaptcha protection feature. Unfortunately - this module (one page checkout) does not allow to easily implement it there without modifications of this module core. So in this specific case - if i were you - i will use other protection methods. I can apply modifications to one page checkout module to make it work with receptcha - but each time you will update this module - all my changes will be overtwrited and you will have to apply changes again. Too much work in my opinion.
Our module to protect register form has other protection methods that can be used to protect register process, also in the one page checkout module.
these methods are based on third-party services api:
  • cleantalk
  • stopforumspam
API service from these features are free.
These services are:

 Stop Forum Spam is a free service  that records reports of spam on forums, blogs and wikis to name a few. All these records are then made available to you search and view but most importantly, to access in an automated way to block suspected spammers before they can get in the front door. Everyone is familiar with more traditional "solve the word" systems to prevent abuse, Stop Forum Spam is a targeted and specialsed solution to help stop abuse of your website.


CleanTalk is a Cloud-Based spam filtering service that allows you to protect your website from spam. CleanTalk provides spam protection that invisible to visitors without using captcha or other methods when visitors have to prove that they are real peoples. CleanTalk provides cloud anti-spam solutions for CMS and we developed plugins for the most of popular CMS: WordPress anti-spam plugin, Joomla anti-spam plugin, Drupal and etc. With our simple cloud spam checker, you can be sure your website is protected from spam bots, spam comments, and users.

in simple words these solutions, when implemented on website will work like this:
  • bot tries to register fake account in your shop (no matter how, it can be done with usage of default register form or register form in one page checkout module)
  • our module gets the IP number of bot and compares it with CleanTalk and StopForumSpam lists of known spammers. Module checks also email address that bot used during fake register process.
  • if IP address and/or email are listed on these lists of spammers - module blocks the register process and blocks the IP address (or can use other protection method, depending on your selection during module configuration)
From my own experience i can assure you that this protection method (cleanTalk or StopForumSpam or both used together) will eliminate at least 90% spam attacks,
we use it on our website too. Recaptcha does not give 100% protection, so we enabled cleanTalk api service and finally this eliminated spam attacks at all.
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